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Starting Seeds!

seedsLast weekend, we worked on starting our seeds for the spring/summer. We did this last year six weeks before the last frost, and my mini greenhouse was seriously out of control. So this year, we started them four weeks before the last frost. But right now, I’m not really sure when the last frost will be given that we just had snow yesterday.

So, I germinated the seeds over night by soaking them in a luke warm bowl, and then just planted each seed in a container. After just three days, I have broccoli, chamomile, datura, and other herbs coming up already!

I’m so looking forward to warmer weather and planting these outside!

Happy Gardening!


Warning: Purchasing Seeds

During the winter, I was busy purchasing seeds. I thought I’d been buying them from a local, U.S. company. Not so! My seeds are coming from China.

Now, I have nothing against the Chinese, but this is taking way too long. Every four weeks, a few seeds will arrive via the mail. They always send extra seeds, like celery and saffron, but these are seeds I really didn’t want. I ordered three types of seeds from this company, and I’ve gotten two of the same type of seeds, plus the extras. And I’m guessing the Chinese does not translate well, or the translator is unable to communicate effectively.

The first time, I received purple datura and the saffron. The next time, I received purple moonflower, which is misnamed, and the celery.  I don’t think I ordered this.

I’m going to be really, really sad if the cat whisker seeds don’t show up, and I have a bad feeling about it.

Sigh. Next time, I will thoroughly investigate the seller before placing an order if I am not familiar with them.

Where do you order seeds from?

Happy Gardening!