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Starting Seeds!

seedsLast weekend, we worked on starting our seeds for the spring/summer. We did this last year six weeks before the last frost, and my mini greenhouse was seriously out of control. So this year, we started them four weeks before the last frost. But right now, I’m not really sure when the last frost will be given that we just had snow yesterday.

So, I germinated the seeds over night by soaking them in a luke warm bowl, and then just planted each seed in a container. After just three days, I have broccoli, chamomile, datura, and other herbs coming up already!

I’m so looking forward to warmer weather and planting these outside!

Happy Gardening!


What to do with a Window Box

 windowbox6Southern Living ‘s Window Box Planters offers some great advice for planting window boxes! If you don’t have any window boxes but would like to have them, you can purchase these at any place like a nursery, online, Menards, Lowes, or Home Depot.

You can also build your own! DIY has explicit directions on How to Build a Window Box Planter. The advantages here, of course, are that the window box would be made to fit your window exactly and you may paint it any color you wish.

The slideshow offers some ideas to help you think about planting your window boxes this spring……

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Happy Planting!