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Grapes: Delicious and Excellent Plants in the Garden

grapesWe’ve been busy! My husband kindly built a new cedar arbor for our grapes. They are just starting to send out green buds, but I’m looking forward to some tasty black grapes this summer!

We have the Glencora seedless grapes, but I was really worried about them after the last brutal winter. Honestly, it’s still not really warm here–today was around 50 degrees. Glencoras do grow in zone 5, and they usually winter over just fine.

These vines produce medium sized juicy blue/black grapes, and once the foliage turns green, they are an excellent garden feature. Glencora grape vines are self pollinating, so no worries there, either!

Don’t be afraid to branch out to grapes–these are hardy, easy to grow, and require little care. In August, you’ll have a wonderful harvest!

Happy Gardening!