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Ahh, Lavender

lavendarThe lavender herb has an exquisite scent and many other great benefits. If you are looking for an easy to grow herb, you have found it! Lavender is a member of the mint family, so it will grow quickly and spread quite easily.

Lavender is an old herb, grown for years for its versatile qualities.

In the language of flowers, lavender boasts several meanings:

  • love
  • devotion
  • purity
  • caution
  • luck

How to Plant
Lavender may be planted in the ground or in containers.

  • Pick a sunny spot in your garden.
  • Dig a hole deep enough for the plant.
  • Add fertilizer.
  • Place the plant in the hole and cover with soil.
  • Water.

There are several different varieties of lavender. I have English and Sea in my garden and both do well.

Benefits of Lavender

  • great border plant
  • terrific scent
  • repels mosquitos
  • treats insomnia, migraine, stomach issues, nerve pain, joint pain, and toothaches

You may also make your own bath products from lavender, as well as teas and sachets. Whatever you do with your lavender, it is an easy and outstanding addition to any garden!

Happy gardening!