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Lily: The True Queen of the Garden

lilyThe fragrant lily, lilium,  is the true queen in any garden. A perennial herb bulb, the lily is famous for its beautiful blooms in orange, red, white, pink, and the list could go on…..

Daylilies, water lilies, lilies of the valley are not real lilies, just name stealers! All of these are pretty but don’t be fooled by their appropriation of the queen’s name.

In the language of flowers, lilies have various meanings. In general, lilies represent purity, beauty, and sweetness.

Surprisingly, the bulb of the lily was once used with other materials to ward off witches. But the white lily is known for some healing ability. The roots and bulbs are used to make medicines for pain and swelling.

How to Grow
Plant lily bulbs in the fall.

  • Pick a sunny to partially sunny spot in your garden.
  • Dig a hole to about 15 inches–lily bulbs need to be planted deeply.
  • Place the bulb in the hole.
  • Add a fertilizer, such as bone meal.
  • Cover with soil and water.

Benefits of lilies

  • Easy to grow
  • Spread on their own
  • A stand out in any garden
  • make wonderful cut flowers

If you are allergic to lily pollen, simply pull or cut out the stamens as soon as the flower begins to open–and enjoy your lilies indoors.

Warning! Be on the look out–deer will eat lily blooms. I had a very sad and discouraging spring one year when deer ate all of my red lilies. I was planning on those red lilies for my son’s graduation party. Nothing daunted, I went to Michaels and purchased fake lilies. But you can purchase forced lily bulbs at most nurseries. I tend to buy a few each year of a new variety that catches my eye.

Happy Gardening!