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Bee Balm

beebalmBee Balm, or Monarda, is an old perennial species in the mint family. The herb is an old species, appearing in a book in 1574! Bee Balm is commonly known as a wild flower on the prairie, and it does produce fantastic blooms.

In the language of flowers, Bee Balm is related to compassion; and, given its medicinal properties, the plant’s personified characteristic is quite apt. Bee Balm is used to ease all kinds of digestive complaints, cramping, sore throats, and a host of other ailments. It is known for its  strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Usually, it is made into a tea for these purposes.

How to Grow

Pick a sunny spot in your garden either in the fall or the spring.

  • Dig a hole a bit larger than the root ball.
  • Mix in fertilizer.
  • Add the plant into the hole, and cover it with soil.
  • Water.

You may start your Bee Balm from seeds–follow the usual methods for growing seeds indoors and move into the garden as soon as all danger of frost has passed. Or you may purchase a small plant at a local nursery and plant it directly outside.

Either way, Bee Balm will produce gorgeous flowers in your garden, and it comes in a variety of colors. It attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds; and bonus: it is deer resistant. It grows well with several different plants, such as cone flowers.

Happy Gardening!