The True Harbinger of Spring: The Crocus

With all of the snow, it’s difficult to imagine; but, spring is coming! Keep an eye out for crocus and know that the end of winter is close.

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crocusCrocus is the true harbinger of spring because it is the first perennial bulb to emerge after a long and brutal winter. For people who live in the upper area of zone 5, the sight of the first crocus is met with overwhelming relief–surely spring is eminent!

For this reason alone, the crocus bulb is worth planting. But there are other reasons, of course! The crocus bulb will spread, and they require very little care. In addition, deer mostly ignore the crocus. You can plant them and forget about them until they lift your spirits in late February or early March.

How to Plant Crocus Bulbs

  • Pick an area that is not too shady–this flower does need some sun!
  • Plant in the fall 6-8 weeks before the first frost.
  • Dig a hole 3-4 inches deep.
  • Work in fertilizer, such as bone meal.
  • Place the bulb pointy end up in the…

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Early Spring!

With groundhog Phil predicting an early spring, I’m anxious to get back out into the yard! But it is February still. What to do?

Here’s what I’m planning:

  • While no snow is in the yard, rake up those darn oak leaves! They just keep coming–we still have some leaves on trees.
  • Start planning! Purchase seeds and bulbs.
  • Get ready for pea planting in March! Last year the peas I grew in containers did fabulously well; they were delicious! I’m definitely going to be planting more peas in containers on March 17.
  • Imagine how you want your yard to look, and make a plan. This is vital for me because I will be hosting a rather large graduation party for my son in June, and it will be held outdoors.

So, how will you spend the early spring? Whatever you do, happy gardening!


Witch Hazel!!!!!

Almost a year since this post, and the Witch Hazel has big buds on it….I can hardly wait!

Here it is this year!!!! witchhazel

Fabulous Flowers

witchhazelA year ago, I swore I would not go through another winter without some hope of spring….and it came late (the last week of winter), but it came! The baby Witch Hazel bush is blooming! I’m so excited! It’s the first real splash of color in a drab world with spots of snow still hanging around the yard.

While this one is still a baby, I expect it will grow from a bush into the shape of fine tree as the years pass. Seeing this bloom, I’m convinced I need a few more–maybe in more colors.

The color of the Witch Hazel bush depends upon the time of year it blooms, but I’d take a late spring and a fall just to get a gorgeous red in there!

Some varieties have a strong perfume, but mine does not unless it is cut, and then the smell is slightly medicinal. Not…

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