Witch Hazel!!!!!

witchhazelA year ago, I swore I would not go through another winter without some hope of spring….and it came late (the last week of winter), but it came! The baby Witch Hazel bush is blooming! I’m so excited! It’s the first real splash of color in a drab world with spots of snow still hanging around the yard.

While this one is still a baby, I expect it will grow from a bush into the shape of fine tree as the years pass. Seeing this bloom, I’m convinced I need a few more–maybe in more colors.

The color of the Witch Hazel bush depends upon the time of year it blooms, but I’d take a late spring and a fall just to get a gorgeous red in there!

Some varieties have a strong perfume, but mine does not unless it is cut, and then the smell is slightly medicinal. Not a surprise really, because Witch Hazel is listed as a class 1 drug in the U.S.

So if this winter is getting you down, this spring, try planting a Witch Hazel bush for next winter–the blooms will take your breath away next year!

Happy Gardening!


Can’t wait for spring? Force some Forsythia

forsythiaMarch is here, but spring is not. Our high temperature tomorrow will be 4 degrees. I cannot wait any longer, so I am bringing forsythia into the house to force it.

Forcing forsythia is really, really easy. 

  • Go outside and cut some branches.
  • Bring them inside and place them in a vase with water.
  • Wait for them to bloom!

Many gardeners will tell you to leave those branches in the garage for a few weeks first. I always skip that and bring them right into the house. By the end of the week, I have beautiful forsythia blooms!

Get out there and start cutting! If you don’t have a bush, this spring would be a great time to plant one!

Happy Gardening!