Here Comes Fall!

mymumFall begins tonight! I am sad to see the summer go, especially because it seems we didn’t really have a summer. It was too wet, too rainy, and too cool to count as summer. I feel cheated!

Nevertheless, it is time to prep for fall and winter if you have not already begun! Fall does offer an abundance of color with mums, hardy asters, pansies, and pumpkins.

How to Prep for Fall and Winter

  • Cut back summer perennials
  • Remove summer annuals
  • Mulch plants in well (I suggest really well! Given the winter forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac, I’m even going to buy some hay bales for fall decoration, and when it gets a bit cooler, I’m going to break apart the bales and place the hay over the more tender plants in my yard. Our roses barely survived last winter.)
  • Add some fall and early winter color: plant mums, hardy asters, and hardy pansies.
  • Rake up the leaves (when they fall!)

That’s pretty much all we are doing around here for fall and winter prep. I know some people do keep vegetable gardens outside during the winter, but the amount of snow we get makes that a bit untenable for us. I did move in some of my herbs, and I hope they will last the winter. We will see!

Happy Gardening!