Gorgeous Hollyhock Bush

Hollyhock BushI planted this perennial Hollyhock bush years ago–and it just keeps amazing me! When most people think of the hollyhock, they think of the flower, and I have those, too, but the bush is my favorite.

It’s a beautiful plant, and the flowers are huge all over the bush, with many flower buds still preparing themselves.

The Hollyhock bush really doesn’t need that much care. Once it’s planted in a sunny spot, all I do it cut back the dead in the fall–to the ground.  Each year, it comes back and grows even larger than the last year.

hhbush2Sadly, the only characteristic I don’t like about this plant is the fact that the flowers do not do well once they are cut. They will die very quickly.

But, if the blooms are left alone on the bush, they will last quite a while.

These will attract bees and butterflies, but not deer, so they are a wonderful addition to your garden.  Hollyhocks are associated with fruitfulness, and with the size of these blooms, no interpretation of that meaning is needed!

Happy Gardening!



8 thoughts on “Gorgeous Hollyhock Bush”

  1. I’ve been thinking of planting hollyhocks in my butterfly gardens. But I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a hollyhock bush. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It goes by several different names but you will know it by the huge, hibiscus-like flowers. I have only seen pink, but I think there are several varieties….good luck!


  2. I have searched for two Summers to find a hollyhock bush to no avail. No one seems to know what I am talking about. Most nurseries think I am referring to a Rose Of Sharon. Are there any online nurseries who sell these.


    1. It is definitely not a Rose of Sharon but the bush is often mistaken for one. I have one about 8′ high and 4 others at different heights but they are all loaded each year with white flowers with a red throat. Very pretty.


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