Tickseed/Coreopsis: A Companion for Black Sprite

tickseedWe purchased the perennial Tickseed because it is a good companion plant for the Black Sprite we planted.

Our version is Sunfire, but there are many different types of Tickseed out there!

It is a wild flower, and to me, it really looks like a daisy in the shape of the flower and the plant.

The tickseed moniker comes from the seeds of this plant–they look like black ticks. Not a winning quality, but don’t let the name put you off of the plant!

Tickseed thrives in a sunny or partially sunny spot. Ours is next to the Bachelor’s Button in a partially sunny spot.

The plant will reward you year after year–it requires little work on your part and will bloom throughout the summer.

Added to its easy care, Tickseed makes excellent cut flowers and can tolerate drought. The plant also spreads quickly, so it is a great plant to purchase when you are just starting out in your garden.

We’re enjoying our tickseed, and it does match well with the Black Sprite flowers. Next year, though, I might like to try a different color as well.

Happy Gardening!


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