Saying Goodbye to Groundhogs

Last weekend, my dad called to tell me he had a serious groundhog problem. What should he do to make them go away? They were eating all of his pretty flowers and plants.

Groundhog Day

My mind flashed through many possible scenarios, but the Bill Murray route seemed too extreme. 🙂

The Farmer’s Almanac offers several possible solutions, but these critters are living under my parents’ deck! There was no way to pour ammonia and dish soap into the burrow.

Stuart and Ringo

A big dog could do the job–we took over Stuart.  But the groundhogs are smart and stayed under the deck.

In the end, my parents have hired a trapper, and there has been some success! All told, there are probably six groundhogs under the deck–parents and babies. The trapper cost $150.00, but it is a more humane way to go about this. Only a few left to go!

groundhog1Of course, now my father feels sorry for them. #can’twin

How do you deal with groundhogs? What do you think is the best method?

Happy Gardening!


11 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Groundhogs”

  1. I’m still trying to convince my husband to allow me to borrow my son’s paintball gun. Our backyard is fenced in, but mom brings her babies in and our Allie retrieves. Our lab girlie acting on instincts. Hope it all works out! 🙂


      1. Imagine the beautiful aray of colors! 🙂

        My Dad (an electrician) put up electric fences to keep all hungry creatures out of his veggie gardens. Cracked us up!


  2. Just an update…most groundhogs have been captured. One has moved around the front of my dad’s house to live in the lilies….so more to go yet…but it is working.


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