Bachelor’s Button/Black Sprite: Add a Little Drama

bachelor'sbuttonWe are trying a new perennial this year–a Bachelor’s Button called Black Sprite. Bachelor’s Buttons are also known as Cornflowers.  And Cornflowers are excellent for muscle pain!

Throughout  history, Cornflowers have been tossed into baths to help reduce muscle pain; they have also been brewed in teas.

I really like this plant. It has a sort of tropical appearance, but it is excellent for zone 5.  The flowers are silky, sort of spiky, and really stand out. It does have a bit of green foliage at the bottom, which spills over, sort of like a weeping willow, but the leaves are solid and taper to a pointed end.

How to Grow
Bachelor’s Buttons are easy to grow–you can plant from seed or buy a small plant from a local greenhouse. I purchased a small plant this year–and it is already growing quite a bit!

These flowers do like a sunny or partially sunny spot. Mine is in a partially sunny area and seems to be doing well! You will want to deadhead the spent flowers to encourage reblooming.

The top benefits of Bachelor’s Buttons:

  • They are deer resistant.
  • They are rabbit resistant.
  • They are drought tolerant!
  • They  make excellent cut flowers.

If you love the tropical flowers but live in a colder zone, Black Sprite would be perfect for your garden! If you suffer from muscle pain, what are you waiting for? Throw these in the tub and ease that ache!

Happy Gardening!


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