Building a patio in your garden

pavers2Over Memorial Day weekend, Brian and I took our show on the road to my sister’s yard to help her get it all beautiful for her son’s graduation party.  (My sister and her husband in the picture. plus Brian’s foot)

Brian and her husband, Greg, built a new patio out of pavers. surprisingly, this turned out to be fairly easy to do–with a little muscle, the materials, and a level, anyone can do this!

First, they took the level and checked it all out. Then, pink string was used to mark the level around the area. And yes, I tripped over that pink string despite its bright color meant to warn me.

paversThe muscle was needed to dig out the area and cart the dirt back to the woods. Then, it was just laying down the paving with leveling sand. And of course, making sure it remained level.

Brian took a break at one point, and when he came back, Greg and my brother had laid another row–which Brian insisted come out because it wasn’t level. For this, we have dubbed him the Garden Buddha. (In all fairness, he was also teaching my sis and I what to do to make her hydrangea bloom, so there is quite a bit of gardening wisdom in that brain!)

The entire process took two days, not bad, considering she has a beautiful new patio in an area that used to be pretty much dirt–too shady for the grass. It looks fantastic!

I did recommend digging a Victorian Trench around it to help with water run-off when it rains, but Brian and Greg were careful to make sure the paves angled just a bit down away from the house.

sistersWhile all of this was going on, my sister and I worked on weeding out her line of plants in front of the woods.

This was difficult for me because my sister’s philosophy is that if she didn’t plant it there, then it is a weed and it’s coming out. She was ruthless, pulling up lilies, ferns, and other plants. I pointed out that plants do spread and maybe these could be relocated, but no. She had a hoe and used it down the line. It looks nice now, and granted, I have no room in my yard for any of it, but still, this bothers me. What do you do with “extra” plants?

Nonetheless, her yard is party ready! She has added a grill and tiki bar on the new patio, and on the other side of the house where there is an existing patio, there is nice wicker furniture with an umbrella over it all.

So, if you yearn for a patio and have a free weekend, pavers could be your solution!

Happy Gardening!


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