Witch Hazel: Create Beauty in a Barren Landscape

witch hazel
Witch hazel in bloom

I admit it: I wanted a Witch Hazel tree just because the name is so cool! Really, though, I couldn’t stand the thought of another bleak, barren winter landscape after last winter’s brutal harshness. I decided to do something about it.

I already have a Holly bush, and it does produce bright red berries in the winter. But I needed more.

I went with the Witch Hazel bush named Arnold Promise because it will produce bright yellow flowers in late winter. Yes, it blooms in the winter! While it is considered a shrub, it can grow quite tall if left unpruned, so I really think of this as more of a tree.

I am so happy to have this in my yard now! When the shrub is not flowering, it provides beauty to the landscape with the vase like structure of the shrub.

If a dead landscape is not a worry for you, the Witch Hazel blooming shrub comes in a variety of colors with different blooming times, so this is really a versatile shrub that can work with any landscape.

Witch Hazel is fairly easy to establish and grow. It does like a sunny to partially sunny spot with acidic soil, but other than that, no other issues.

In addition to a beautiful spray of color in the winter landscape, Witch Hazel has numerous medicinal uses, and of course, the branches of the Witch Hazel tree have long been used in dowsing.

Think back and remember last winter. Ok, now, think about what you can do to avoid that barren look and keep Witch Hazel in mind!

Happy Gardening!





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