Ah, The Sweet Scent of Heliotrope

heliotropeHeliotrope is an excellent plan to add to your garden or in containers. This annual plant loves the sun, and as it warms, it produces a wonderful fragrance!

Heliotrope flowers are either purple or white, the big masses of flowers add beauty as well as the fabulous scent.

However, heliotrope is toxic to humans and animals who eat it, so if you have a pet who will eat anything, this plant is not for you. But the added hidden bonus here is that deer hate them!

Heliotrope is easy to grow, but it does require a bit of care. It likes morning sun best, and it does need to be fertilized about every two weeks for best performance.  When the flowers are spent, deadhead to keep the plant producing flowers all summer.

If handled appropriately, i.e., not eaten, heliotrope is a wonderful addition to your garden that will provide beautiful blooms and scent all summer!

Happy Gardening!


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