A Little Frost Coming: I’ve Got You Covered!

Everyone’s worried about their plants and the frost coming this week. First, don’t panic. This can easily be handled, given the size of your garden.

First, cold hardy plants, such as peas, are going to be just fine. You may cover them if you wish, but peas can even withstand a light snow, so they will be fine.

Spring hardy plants, such as Bleeding Heart, will also be just fine. Again, you may cover them if you wish, but I’m not going to do that. They will be fine, and mine are under trees, so I’m not really worried about them.

For everything else:

If you went ahead with the heat wave and planted pretty flowers, you have to cover them.

  • Before you cover them, make sure the plants are watered in well. This will actually protect roots from freezing, even though it goes against instinct.
  • Now, you may cover them. Do NOT use any type of plastic. Plants have to breathe, too! I’m going to use flannel sheets. Any sheet will work, but the flannel will give it just a little bit more warmth and protection.
  • Uncover the plants during the day, so they can have air and sunlight. Even on a cloudy day, they are still getting some sun.

And that’s all you have to do to keep your plants warm, comfy, and beautiful during the frost. Not so bad, really!

Sadly, if you own a large fruit orchard, this isn’t going to be enough–but if you own a large fruit orchard, you’ll know what to do!

Happy Gardening!


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