Snapdragons: An Early Spring Favorite in Our Garden

snapdragonsOn our last trip to Vite’s Greenhouse, our son asked us to bring back tropical snapdragons…..well, snapdragons aren’t tropical, but it might seem like they are up here in the frozen section of zone 5! When a bloom is gently pressed together, it really does look like a dragon.

For us, snapdragons are annuals. They may still be planted, though! Usually, the seeds are planted outside in a sunny or partially sunny spot a few weeks before the last frost date. These plants may also be purchased from a local vender, such as a greenhouse, Lowes, really anywhere they are selling outdoor plants.

Snapdragons begin flowering early–so they can add an incredibly punch of color into your garden before it’s time for the full summer blooms. Snapdragons come in a variety of stunning colors–some people like to plant a mixture of colors while others stick with one color for a larger effect.

Snapdragons may be cut and used for bouquets in the house, but mine usually do not last long in vases. Still, they provide a vibrant and attractive plant in your garden for audiences of all ages! This behavior might well be tied to the flower’s meaning in the language of flowers–deception and graciousness!

Happy Gardening!


2 thoughts on “Snapdragons: An Early Spring Favorite in Our Garden”

  1. I love snapdragons. In the garden or containers, I tend to always plant blue/purple veronica salvia and pink or white snapdragons and they look so great, I’ve not ventured farther afield in my choice of snapdragon flowers! Thanks for your blog.


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