Sweet Pansies–a Bridge to Summer

pansiesSometimes it is hard to wait for spring and summer blooming flowers, but Pansies help to bridge the gap between winter and spring/summer’s abundance of blooms.

Pansies are hardy plants that can withstand the colder temperatures of early spring and late fall. They add excellent color into an otherwise dreary landscape.

In the language of flowers, Pansies are associated with loving thoughts, and as the Pansy is quite an old plant, can also be found in Greek legend. In the legend, all pansies were once white flowers, but after Cupid struck the flower with an arrow, the flowers became colorful. It was believed that the Pansy could be used in love potions.

Pansies come in a variety of colors, with their most distinctive feature being the “face” on the flower. They can be grown from seeds, but I buy some in early spring from the local nursery. Once they are planted in a partially shaded area, all you have to do is remember to water them and enjoy the bright color!

Happy Gardening!


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