Pink Cotton Candy or Betony

cottoncandyBetony, or Pink Cotton Candy as it is familiarly known, really stands out in a garden.  Pink Cotton Candy boasts fluffy combination pink and dark pink flowers in the summer. The long flower stalks rise up from a bed of deep green foliage.

Pink Cotton Candy is attractive in flower beds or in containers–and a real show stopper wherever it is planted.

How to Grow

The plant is easily divided in the spring, so ask your friends and neighbors. It is relatively new, so you may need to buy it at the nursery.

  • Pick a sunny spot in your garden.
  • Dig a hole a bit larger than the root ball.
  • Mix fertilizer into the soil.
  • Add the plant and cover it with soil.
  • Water.
  • Remove dead flowers to encourage re-blooming.

Pink Cotton Candy is easy to grow and requires little care. The long, bushy flowers make excellent cut flowers for arrangements. Best yet, it is deer resistant while attracting butterflies and bees into the garden. If you see this at a nursery, snap it up quickly! Cotton Candy seeds are selling out quickly.

Happy Gardening!


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