Moonflowers: A Glorious Evening Bloomer

moonflowerMoonflowers are a night blooming plant with gorgeous white flowers. The white stands out at night and is quite attractive in your yard. The blooms will also provide a pleasant fragrance, so Moonflowers should be grown somewhere you can enjoy them in the evening.

Unfortunately, Moonflowers are only an annual in zone 5, but they are easy to grow from seeds, which I did last year and will do again this year. I really fell in love with this plant!

Moonflowers are a climbing vine, so I planted mine next to the lattice work on my deck. It grew up and over the lattice–so it does grow quite high when allowed to climb.

How to Grow

I have never seen Moonflowers at the local greenhouses, so you will have to grow these from seeds–either outdoors after all chances of frost have passed or start indoors and then move outside. I start mine indoors about 4-6 weeks before the last frost.

  • The night before you plant your seeds, soak them in water over night to help them germinate.
  • Mix fertilizer into the soil and add one seed per planting container for beginning indoors.
  • Water them in well, and cover with a plastic lid or plastic wrap. Make sure they do not dry out!
  • Remember, they are a vine, so as they grow, you will need to move to a slightly larger container and add in a small trellis of some type before moving outdoors.

When you move the small plants outdoors, pick a sunny spot in your garden–despite being a night bloomer, Moonflowers love the sun!

Moonflowers require very little attention after they are planted–they are drought resistant. They will reward your efforts with magical white blooms throughout the summer!

Happy Gardening!




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