The Butterfly Bush: Not Just a Weed

butterflyThe butterfly bush, buddleja davidii,  is a flowering shrub that will fill your garden with a wonderful scent throughout the summer. In my area, it dies back to the ground each winter but returns each summer–it is a vigorous, hardy plant.

It does and will attract butterflies, bees,  and birds to your garden. I have two of these shrubs, and I absolutely love them. The come in a variety of colors– mine are both purple. I would love to have a white and/or a red one as well.

In the language of flowers, the butterfly bush is correlated with transformation and rebirth, which is fitting since it does come back each year from the ground for me. I hear that in the south, these can grow into actual trees! I would love to have that!

How to Grow

  • In the spring or the fall, pick a sunny spot in your garden–the butterfly bush loves the sun.
  • Dig a hole a little wider and deeper than the root ball.
  • Mix a little fertilizer with the soil.
  • Place the plant into the hole, being sure to keep the top of the root ball close to the top of the soil.
  • Add mulch.
  • Water.
  • Once a bloom is finished, cut it off to encourage new blooming.

While some states, such as Washington, classify this shrub as a weed, I simply don’t agree. It is a gorgeous plant that will attract and feed bees, birds, and butterflies throughout the summer.

Happy Gardening!




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