An Easy and Tasty Summer Herb: Dill

dillDill is an annual herb, but the plant is super easy to grow! It is quite tasty in dips, soups, and salads, and may be used for pickling.

Dill also has a long history as a medicinal plant. It was once used as a defense against witches and magical enchantments, but more commonly, dill is used for indigestion issues, insomnia, colds, and coughs.

In the language of flowers, dill is associated with lust and might be a healthier alternative to Viagra! 😉 Can you imagine receiving tons of spam emails about dill?

While the plant is capable of making flowers, you really don’t want it to if you are using it to harvest Dill for any reason.

How to Grow

  • Pick a sunny spot in your garden in early summer.
  • Dig a rill about 1/4 inch deep and sow the seeds.
  • Cover the seeds gently with soil–just use a rake for this.
  • Water.
  • For fresh dill all summer long, keep sowing seeds.

Alternatively, you may purchase a dill plant already started at a nursery if you’d rather not mess with the seeds. Either way you go, Dill is a winner. It’s easy to grow; it attracts beneficial bugs to your garden, and tastes great!

Happy gardening!


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