hollyhocksHollyhocks, or Alcea, are traditional flowering perennials (biennials, but will bloom each year from seeds) found in many cottage gardens. But they can and should grow in any type of garden for their graceful, tall stalks and gorgeous flowers.

Hollyhocks are equated with ambition in the language of flowers, and the plant is ambitious! It may be used for treating breathing issues, digestive issues, skin pain and swelling issues, and the list could keep growing!

How to Grow

Hollyhocks prefer sun and should be planted in the fall. You may always purchase established hollyhocks from a local nursery if you did not plant them in the fall but still want them.

  • If you are working with seeds, dig a shallow trench.
  • Place the seeds in the trench, and then cover with soil.
  • Water and mulch.

Hollyhocks come in a variety of colors and attract butterflies and birds to your garden. They are extremely easy to grow and make excellent cut flowers.

Happy Gardening!



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