Creating a Charming Front Porch Area: I Need Serious Help

I’m going to be honest here and tell you my front porch sucks. I would love a full porch with a roof, but this is what I’ve got–a concrete slab.frontporch

Nothing on top at all, and the sides are empty, too.

front top






Right now, we still have snow, so I’m just trying to come up with ideas. I would love to have a porch installed with a roof, but that isn’t going to happen right now. I also considered a pergola here, but since I have my husband building a pergola over the deck in the back, I can’t really do this either (at least this year).

niobeclematisI am seriously considering adding Niobe Clematis on both sides of the door. It blooms all summer. If I used the trellis in the picture, it would sort of provide sides to the concrete slab. I realize that this will give the porch only a summer interest, and more will need to be planted. I am open to all ideas! Please post and tell me what you would do and share ideas….this is a tough one, I know.trellis2


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