The Twilight Beauty of Datura

CS 7- 2004Datura, or Devil’s Trumpet,  may be considered a weed in the south, but up here in the frozen north, I love it! Before you fall in love with this plant, please note that all parts of this plant are poisonous. Only work with this plant with gloves on your hands!

Datura blooms at night, and the flower’s fragrance is simply intoxicating.

Because this plant is considered an annual in my area, I usually plant these in containers on the deck. But they can be planted in the ground.

If you are lucky, you may find this plant at a local nursery. In the north, it is not likely. This year, I ordered seeds and expect them to arrive any day.

How to Grow

  • Let the seeds soak overnight in warm water.
  • Place soil in individual small planting containers.
  • Place the seeds into the soil.
  • Water well.
  • Cover with a tight plastic lid to hold in moisture. I use a Burpee seed starter. You can find a few types of these at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Lowes, just about any place.
  • Once the seeds germinate, remove the small plants to small pots.
  • When all chance of frost has passed, plant outdoors in full sun.

Datura plants come in a variety of flower colors–but the heavenly fragrance will remain the same! On a personal note, one spring, I was lucky to find small Datura plants at Vite Greenhouse. I was so excited! I took them home and planted them in containers. The next day, a squirrel decided to try some, and broke one of the plants. I was not happy–it was small comfort knowing that squirrel would be permanently out of commission. I left it in and purchased another–which I planted with it. Both plants ended up flourishing through the summer!

Happy Gardening!




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