Aloe Vera: A Versatile Must Have Plant

aloeWhile Aloe Vera plants are not natural for zone 5, I have an Aloe Vera plant–several. During the summer, most of these go outside on the deck, and in the winter, they come in the house. They are capable of producing yellow flowers.

Aloe Vera is a must have plant in your house. It may be used to treat insect bites, burns, rashes, dandruff, and the list could continue! Check out 40 Uses for Aloe Vera!

More importantly, Aloe Vera is one of the top plants recommended by NASA for purifying the air in your home. It naturally removes chemicals, such as formaldehyde (my biggest allergen), from the air. It is more effective than expensive air cleaners.

How to Grow

Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow and quite forgiving. In fact, the best way to grow these plants is to pretty much neglect them.  Some experts say Aloes need full sun, and others say they need indirect light. In the summer, they get full sun on my deck, but during the winter, they get indirect light in the house. They seem to do just fine in both.

  • Pick a wide container for your plant.
  • Add potting soil.
  • Add in the plant.
  • Cover.
  • Water deeply and then don’t water again for a few weeks. Remember, the Aloe is a cactus–you really don’t want to over water it.

You  may purchase an Aloe plant almost anywhere, or you can ask your friends for a baby plant. Aloes will produce more plants.

aloebabiesToday, my husband and I repotted several baby Aloe aloemotherplants from our original plant. To do this, simply remove the plant from the container, turn it on its side, and separate the smaller plants. Then, simply repot the original plant.

Happy Gardening!


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