orangerodedendronRhododendrons are spring favorites because of their lavish blooms, and they do come in a variety of colors.

Despite their beautiful blooms, rhododendrons are associated with danger in the language of flowers. I know; you’re probably asking why such a gorgeous plant could be correlated with danger.

The answer is quite simple, really. Rhododendrons are poisonous if ingested, and even kill people who eat honey harvested from bees who fed on the Rhododendron. They are also poisonous to grazing animals, so these aren’t the type of shrubs you want in a field or near a bee hive.

Nevertheless, rhododendrons are quite popular!

How to Grow

  • Pick a partially shady spot in your garden that is somewhat sheltered from the west wind.
  • Dig a shallow hole–you want the roots to be right at soil level or just slightly below. You don’t want the roots to rot.
  • Mix in a fertilizer, such as bone meal.
  • Place the plan in the hole and cover with soil.
  • Water and mulch.

Most varieties of rhododendrons will retain their leaves throughout the winter, providing some color in your garden year round.

Happy Gardening!


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