Clematis: A Climber with Flower Power

myclematisThe Clematis is a perennial climbing vine that can add gorgeous flowers to a garden from spring through the fall. It can live a long time, so be sure you pick a variety you love and great spot in your garden for it! It is an old plant, having roots back to the 1860s. Currently, there are roughly 300 species of this plant.

In the language of flowers, the clematis represents art and mental beauty. It also has several medicinal uses, such as treating blisters, joint pain, and headaches.

How to Plant

  • Pick a sunny or partly shady spot in your garden. Where ever you choose, remember, the roots need a shady spot, and the leaves need at least 6 hours of sun. Planting a small shrub in front of the roots can help provide this.
  • Dig a hole approximately 18 by 18 inches.
  • Add bone meal and mix it into the soil.
  • Gently place the plant into the hole and fill with soil.
  • Help the vines wrap around a supporting trellis.
  • Water.

Clematis can produce an amazing amount of flowers if the plant is happy.  Avoid pruning until mid to late spring–some Clematis plants bloom on old wood and some do not. Prune away dead wood.

Happy Gardening!



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