How to Keep Mosquitos Away Without Toxic Chemicals

catnipWe’ve all been bitten at one time or another, and we know mosquito bites are not fun. These bites can become more than irritating for those who are allergic and suffer from skeeter syndrome. But products such as deet can be just as deadly for folks.

Instead of using harmful chemicals, experts recommend the catnip herb. Science Daily tells us that catnip is 10 times more effective than deet for repelling those nasty biters.

Besides its pest fighting qualities, catnip leaves also contain high amounts of vitamins C and E.

Catnip may also be used for many medical purposes:

  • insomnia
  • arthritis
  • flu and upper respiratory infections
  • migraines
  • fever
  • hives
  • cramping

How to grow catnip

  • Pick a sunny spot in your garden or for a container.
  • Dig a hole and add fertilizer.
  • Place the plant in the hole and gently cover with dirt.
  • Water.

You can start catnip seeds indoors or purchase a young plant at a local nursery. It is important to remember that catnip is a member of the mint family and will grow and spread quickly. It is quite aromatic, and to some people, it smells like a skunk. However, the smell can be overridden by other aromatic plants in your garden or in containers on your patio.  Plant your catnip and enjoy a space without the threat of an irritating and possibly disease laden bite.

Happy gardening!


2 thoughts on “How to Keep Mosquitos Away Without Toxic Chemicals”

  1. I’ll risk the cats. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who get skeeter syndrome–I am highly allergic. I’m not too worried about cats, but then, I have a dog who is quite territorial. Lemon grass may also be used, but I don’t know that it is as effective as catnip.


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