Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees

weepingDwarf weeping cheery trees are spectacular in the spring with an abundance of beautiful white or pink flowers. The shape of the tree adds beauty in your garden  throughout the year.

Although these are referred to as “dwarf”, they can still grow from 10 to 15 feet in height.

In the language of flowers, cherry blossoms mean spirituality and beauty. A cherry tree in general means good education! I have no idea why, but I’m ok with it.

How to Plant

  • Pick a sunny spot in your garden.
  • Dig a hole as deep and as twice as wide as the root ball of the tree.
  • Mix in fertilizer. ( I used bone meal.)
  • Place the tree in the hole and fill with dirt about halfway.
  • Water and let the soil settle.
  • Fill in the remaining dirt and water.
  • Prune only as needed in late winter or early spring to remove dead branches.

Honestly, I love our weeping cherry tree! This tree has become extremely popular, so if you see one at a nursery, grab it! It won’t be there very long.

Happy gardening!



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