The Primrose

myprimrosesThe primrose is one of the earliest blooming spring perennials–some even bloom in late winter.  Most primroses display greenery close to the ground and clusters of flowers. They do not grow very tall, but they do provide great ground cover and spots of color in the spring garden.

During the spring, primroses like full sun, but as the spring turns to summer, they prefer partial shade.

Primroses spread quickly, and the easiest way to acquire more is to divide and replant. They are available in nurseries, but I would let people know you are looking for some. Gardeners love to share when they start dividing these plants. Let’s face it: no one likes to throw plants away!

Primroses grow well with several other plants, including astilbes, forget-me-nots, ferns, and hostas.

The primrose offers several bonuses for gardeners:

  • they are easy to grow.
  • they offer a much needed  and longed for spot of color in the garden after a long winter.
  • they are not sought out by deer–deer just don’t like them!

Plant primroses and enjoy early spring color for years to come!


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