The True Harbinger of Spring: The Crocus

crocusCrocus is the true harbinger of spring because it is the first perennial bulb to emerge after a long and brutal winter. For people who live in the upper area of zone 5, the sight of the first crocus is met with overwhelming relief–surely spring is eminent!

For this reason alone, the crocus bulb is worth planting. But there are other reasons, of course! The crocus bulb will spread, and they require very little care. In addition, deer mostly ignore the crocus. You can plant them and forget about them until they lift your spirits in late February or early March.

How to Plant Crocus Bulbs

  • Pick an area that is not too shady–this flower does need some sun!
  • Plant in the fall 6-8 weeks before the first frost.
  • Dig a hole 3-4 inches deep.
  • Work in fertilizer, such as bone meal.
  • Place the bulb pointy end up in the hole.
  • Cover the hole with dirt and water.

Each spring, the crocus flowers will bloom and reward you with a much needed spring boost!


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