tulipsTulips are a spring perennial favorite. Numerous tulip festivals take place around the world in honor of this beautiful bulb.

Tulips come in many different colors and varieties. I believe there are around 75 wild species of tulips. I have several of the standard tulips in pink, yellow, red, yellow and red, and peach. My favorite tulips are our black tulips. They are striking and add a dramatic note to any garden.

How to plant tulips
Tulips like a sunny spot, or at least partial sun, in zone 5.

  • You’ll want to plant your tulip bulbs in the fall, at least 6-8 weeks before the first frost.
  • Plant them about 8 inches in the ground.
  • Set the bulbs in the holes with the pointy end up.
  • Cover them with soil and water them.

In the spring, you’ll have beautiful tulips!

If you forgot to plant your bulbs, and you really want some tulips, you may purchase some forced tulip bulbs at most greenhouses. Every year, I purchase a few this way to place in window boxes. Later, I move them to areas in the yard, so my tulip collection just keeps growing!

And now, you can have tulips in the house all year round–check out Year Round Tulips for directions!


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