A Little Dazzle at Night

glowpotsTo enjoy our gardens at night, lighting is an essential element. One way to provide light is to make our pots glow! And since the polar vortex is descending on us yet again, we have plenty of time before the planting season begins.

To make pots glow at night, simply paint the pots with Rustoleum  (a paint) or  Krylon K03150 (spray). Both of these may be purchased on Amazon–the Krylon is about $5.99. You may be able to find these at Menards or Home Depot as well. I checked Lowes last year, and they did not have it.

So, you simply spray or paint the pots. The rustoleum or the krylon will help the pots retain solar light, and the pots will provide a pretty glow at night!

What are you waiting for? Get your paint, your pots, your rocks, or whatever you want to glow at night outside, and get to work!

When the thaw actually comes, your pots will be ready to plant, and you can enjoy the glow all summer!


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